Meet Mindy

Mindy Tsonas

Embodiment Artist, Activist + Yoga Teacher in Training
Embody Love Movement Facilitator and Faculty Member
Magic Maker at Squam Art Workshops

My work is to inspire. 

On the surface, what I do may look like telling stories, making beautiful things, and gathering together. Underneath, it's really about bravely stepping in and safely stripping down, on the canvas, in our bodies, and in our own lives. Because being seen is powerful, transformative medicine.

What I ultimately seek to create through my work is more belonging... to our own truths, needs and desires, and to one another in more compassionate, expansive communities. 

As an artist and visionary, I am passionate about creating exploratory experiences and meaningful opportunities for those seeking their authentic impact and creative fire. I also love to amplify the work of amazing girls, women + femmes who wish to use their superpowers for positive social good.

A modern feminist, creative sensualist, mystical bohemian, and sex-positive activist, I'm also a life-long devotee to the underdog. I'm always looking for ways to make more Love in the world. When not in the studio you'll find me adventuring amidst colorful subcultures, chasing beauty behind the lens of my camera, and treasure hunting on the beaches of Plum Island with my two boys.

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