Meet the Director

Mindy Tsonas

Expressive Arts Teacher, Embodiment Artist 
and Embody Love Movement Facilitator + Trainer

My work is to inspire others to discover their own empowered truth, to bravely step in and safely strip down... on the canvas, in their bodies, and in their own lives... it's all about building trust with our own worth. 

I help people to see their inherent beauty, shift negative body stories, and challenge external narratives that ultimately seek to take away our power. This space of greater awareness and liberation is where we tap into the source that fuels our most influential and effective actions. 

I believe your life is your impact. Being fully who you are is a revolutionary, generative act because choosing to live your unique truth has ripple effects in the world. We are all a part of the greater human collective helping each other to rise. 

As an artist, I am passionate about creating exploratory experiences and meaningful initiatives for those seeking their #authenticimpact and creative fire. I love to connect through our stories and to amplify the work of amazing girls, women + femmes who are devoted to using their superpowers for positive social good.

A modern feminist, creative sensualist, mystical bohemian, and sex-positive activist, I'm also a life-long devotee to the underdog. When not in the studio you'll find me adventuring amidst colorful subcultures, chasing beauty behind the lens of my camera, and treasure hunting with my two boys.

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