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Donate to low/no cost Embody Love Arts and Embody Love Movement programs led by ELM Faculty Member, Mindy Tsonas.

This spring we will be offering a FREE 12 week program to the Middle School program of Girls Inc. of Lynn. I'll be getting messy with girls ages 11-14 and teaching them about media literacy, intersectional body-positivity, and inspiring them to advocate for their own agency and power by making brave and inspiring art!

Get a FREE Keepsake Cookbook with donations $25 or more

(*U.S. shipping included, CAN $6, all others $12)

The Story Behind the Cookbook...

Once upon a time, before Studiofemme emerged and self publishing became a fancy thing, I went on a mission to collect all the best recipes of my girlfriends, mothers, aunties, cousins and sisters. Everyone was thrilled and generously shared their family's best-kept food secrets, and I complied them into a Keepsake Cookbook as a funding initiative for my organization, A Mother's Wish.

Between the pages I recorded the dishes of generations of grandmothers passed down, those unforgettable potluck stars everyone always raves about, and the very best sweet and savory comforts my family and friends continue to gather around to celebrate memorable milestones today. If food is love, this cookbook is certainly one of my love stories... an accidental anthology and food memoir built around a mission to make the world a better place for all.

Recently, I stumbled upon one remaining box of these gems and smiled at the serendipitous reminder of how all that came before is always at our backs helping to move us forward. The timing seems perfect for this next leg of my journey and where I'm heading with Studiofemme. I've decided to give away the last of these cookbooks to those who wish to donate $25 or more in support of low/no cost Embody Love workshops I will be hosting this year! You will be helping to fund radical body-positivity and media literacy education to middle school girls, and diverse communities of women + femme instigators and leaders.

With over 100 pages including Appetizers, Soups & Salads, Veggies & Sides, Mains, Breads, Desserts and more, these cookbooks were always meant to help me spread more love, connect people in communities and around tables, and do more good in the world.

Thank you for helping me continue this work.