Inner Alchemy Collage

INNER ALCHEMY COLLAG an invitation to creatively explore your inner world. It is intuitive mess-making using curiosity, paint, paper, words and ink, and a way we can practice Trust... on the page, in our bodies, and in our lives.

A multimodal expressive arts program, this playful work combines visual art-making, writing, storytelling, senses and movement, to help tap into emotion and self expression. Unlike technical art education, the focus in not on how-to or even the end result, but more on what we discover about ourselves along the way. It is an integrative and holistic process of personal development, creative exploration, and self healing, that is both experiential and transformational.

By practicing empowered creative courage, we learn to leave judgement behind and nurture a deeper sense of compassion, self-awareness and love.

Inner Alchemy Collage
Mixed Media Memoir
Writing Wild
Somatic Storytelling

Inner Alchemy Collage // Images, colors and found words guide us to our inner magic and wisdom. Intuitive collage allows us to feel our desires with less attachment to inner dialogue, helping to quiet the inner critic. Here we practice the act of discernment, to unearth our truth. In this two-step process we will create through an embodied process of following the tug of YES in our hearts, in our bodies, to the page, and then ask our questions. Part creative play and part oracle reading, your Inner Alchemy Collage, in the end, holds all the answers to everything you wish to know. (2-3 hour workshop)

Inner Alchemy Cards // Using the same intuitive collage process we will create a deck of oracle cards. The process will help us discover who we are, and then can be used as a powerful tool for ongoing personal inquiry and guidance. Decks can be created around any theme or kind of work you wish to explore - the possibilities are endless! (1 or 2 full day workshop).

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Mixed Media Memoir // Touch drops us in. Paint on the fingers. Color in the soul. Paper bits weaving it all together. It's not about creating a perfect work of art... it is about letting go of the outcome, feeling deeply into intuition, and trusting fully how your heart wants to unfold right before your eyes. Messy. Imperfect. Beautiful. Our experiences, emotions, and senses engage our inner narrative and tap into places deep within our own truth. Intimate layers of our story emerge, and in these messy layers we are found. (full 1 or 2 day workshop)

Writing Wild //  "We are rescued by the telling of the tale."... I love this quote from the classic tale, Moby Dick, and have found it ever so true. These are our truest stories, the ones we feel both in our hearts and deep in our bodies. You know, the ones that tug and beckon, wanting to unfurl from the shadows and move into the light. Our work is simply to allow our pen to move across the paper. When we let go of the technical aspects of how the words appear, we can get into the flow of what we really are longing to say, rescuing our hearts one little word at a time. (2-3 hour workshop)​

Somatic Storytelling // Here is where our stories can be witnessed and healed. In a small group circle using prompts and common threads, we practice the visceral act of embodied storytelling. This isn't about crafting the perfect narrative. Here we are sharing memory, emotion, and experiences that connect us universally as humans, and offer insight and wisdom through being brave together in this thing called life. (2 hour workshop)